TANADUI / 種子取祭

Make Up / 化粧

  • 化粧-1
  • 化粧-2
  • 化粧-3
  • 化粧-4
  • 化粧-5

Getting Dressed / 身支度

  • 身支度-1
  • 身支度-2
  • 身支度-3
  • 身支度-4

Back Stage / 楽屋裏

  • 楽屋裏-1
  • 楽屋裏-2
  • 楽屋裏-3
  • 楽屋裏-4
  • 楽屋裏-5
  • 楽屋裏-6

Friends / 友達

  • 友達-1
  • 友達-2
  • 友達-3
  • 友達-4
  • 静友達-5
  • 友達-6

Behind The Scene / 裏方

  • 裏方-1
  • 裏方-2
  • 裏方-3

Silent Moments / 静かな時

  • 静かな時-1
  • 静かな時-2
  • 静かな時-3
  • 静かな時-4
  • 静かな時-5



The Tanadui festival is held once every fall; it goes on for 9 days. During this festival men and women prepare traditional food for Tanadui; women perform Budui (a typical island dance) while men perform Kyongin (a type of classical island theatre). The island's people believe God exists in nature so they perform for God as a sign of appreciation for a good life and in hope for a pleasant future. The Tanadui festival began about 600 years ago, but the ceremony's style and spirit have remained the same for today's generation. Japan's Agency of Cultural Affairs officially recognizes the Tanadui festival as an indispensable cultural treasure. I personally participate as an Odoriko (a Budui dancer) and by photographing the back stage activity during the events.